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NAFA’s Executive Director Chip Anderson Reveals The Opportunities and Challenges Caused By The DOL Fiduciary Rule

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NAFA Executive Director Chip Anderson

Episode 8: Jeffrey Thompson and ECA President Joe Spillman talk to Chip Anderson, Executive Director of National Association for Fixed Annuities, about the DOL Fiduciary Rule.

• The Latest on the DOL Fiduciary Rule and Future Outlook
• Why the Industry is a 30%+ Better Opportunity Than At Any Other Time in the Last 30 Years
• How Middle Class Americans Will Be Left Out In the Cold By the DOL Fiduciary Rule
• How the Drastic Changes Ahead Reduce Compensation and Increase Your Liability
• Why Education Based Selling and Marketing Is The Only Way To Make a Sale
• How Clients Are Using The Internet To Buy From You
• The Biggest Challenges In Selling Today

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