Salesmanship Multiplied With Kevin Donlin

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Episode #11 In this practical information packed episode of Quantum Marketing Radio Jeff and Louie take a deep dive into what it takes to do effective marketing with, marketing optimizer and top copywriter Kevin Donlin creator of the Client Cloning Kit and


On this Episode you will learn:

  • The #1 Mistake Agents and Advisors Make with their Marketing
  • How to increase trust by combining Online and Offline Marketing
  • How Neuroscience Can Make Your Marketing “More Real” and Trustworthy with prospects
  • Why Offline Marketing is Actually More Effective Than Online Marketing
  • The importance of Getting More Emotional To Help your Marketing Take Off
  • Which Is Better? Negative or Positive Emotional Appeals?
  • The $50k Method To Get Emotional Hot Buttons for Your Marketing
  • Marketing Multiplier – The “Paper” Email?

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