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Reinventing The Sales Process – Helping Clients Make A Change For Their Own Reasons

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Episode #13

In this episode of Quantum Marketing Radio, Jeff and Louie spend an intense hour with Mike Kaselnak master sales and marketing trainer to many of the top advisors in the industry(has coached 13 advisors to over $1M/yr income) as he reveals the secrets to his contrarian and revolutionary 5Q Selling System with you.  In This content packed episode tune in to learn:

  • How This Former Producer Took His Income From Only $50k yr to Over $967,000k per Year in Just Three Years
  • The New Way To Sell – Motivational Interviewing To Get Your Prospect To Take Action – With You
  • Why You Should Stop Educating Your Prospects (To Do More Business With Their Current Advisor)
  • Why The Tell-Sell-Teach-Preach Approach To Selling is Like Quicksand For Your Closing Rate
  • Why Using The 21 Point Checklist Is Like A Can Opener To Your Prospects Mind
  • Learn About The Proven Process For Getting Clients To Ask You To Manage Their Money
  • How To Get On Your Clients Side and Avoid Getting Into the Sales Death Spiral That Occurs When You Are In Conflict With your Prospect
  • Feel-Felt-Found Does Not Work – Learn A New Approach To Objection Handling That Actually Does
  • The 5Q Process – Where clients discover for themselves why they should work with you