Gratitude Marketing – Stop Speaking At Prospects and Connect to Them with Mike F. Sciortino Sr.

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Episode #10 of Quantum Marketing Radio we speak with advisor Mike F. Sciortino Sr. the author of Gratitude Marketing about how to make a meaningful difference in your clients lives, stay top of mind, increase referrals, client retention and revenues. As Mike Says “Give your clients the best experience possible and you create clients for life…and most importantly you become their last financial advisor.”

Some of the ideas Mike shares with listeners on this episode:

• Why clients crave a sincere “Thank You”
• The 4 Experience Quadrants to connect with clients in a meaningful way
• Turning Cold Prospects into Warm Relationships
• Direct Mail for Differentiation
• A simple, fun, affordable way to generate referrals on your client’s birthday
• How to cultivate relationships so that “the business takes care of itself”
• The Gratitude Marketing Mindset
• Attract clients instead of pursuing them

Find out more about Gratitude Marketing by visiting the official site: